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Click through to buy these Lavish Nipple Clamps at Babeland.com

It’s been a while since I’ve done a toy review because I’ve been waiting for something awesome enough to post about.  And now I have it!  These lavish nipple clamps from Babeland are both classy and secure.

These claps are tweezer style, which initially made me nervous, because they often don’t have very good hold, but these babies are perfect.  There’s a ring that sits at the base of the tweezers which you can slip up towards the tip to increase pressure.  The pinch that the lavish nipple clamps provide is probably too light for many enthusiasts, especially people who identify as masochists, but they’re just right for the “causal user” and have a good range of adjustability because of the sliding ring design.  For me, they felt just right at about ¾ up the slide, but once I’d had them on for a while, I could have easily tolerated more.

The metal tweezers are fitted with hard plastic ends to make the pinch softer and smoother, and I haven’t been daring enough to remove them, but that might add enough concentrated pressure to work for someone with a higher pain tolerance.

Though it hasn’t been an issue yet, the plastic ends to the clamps come off very easily and might get lost in your toy chest.  I highly recommend a plastic baggie for keeping everything together.

And darn are they pretty!  The beaded tassels swing freely and are a beautiful accent, so that these clamps can be accessories as much as play toys.

At a $20 price point, these are among the better clamps you can get.  I’ve never gone for the industrial look, so these are a lot more appetizing than alligator clamps or something more “chrome and steel-esque.”  They seem durable and they hold to your breasts very firmly, even when swung or tugged on.  And because they aren’t as intense a pressure as other types of clamps, they are more versatile and useful for pinching other, more sensitive areas!

Pick them up at Babeland today for yourself, or as a titillating Christmas gift.


Click on the picture to go to Babeland's site and pick up the Two!

I just received my first toy from Babeland, and boy, do I have FEELINGS about.Picture of The Two at Babeland [redirect to Babeland order form for The Two]

First of all, the Two is lavender and it’s adorable.  Shaped like two forefingers stuck together, it’s the most un-intimidating dildo I’ve ever seen, even though at  5-1/2″ long and 1-7/8″ wide, it’s larger than any other one I own (what can I say, I like mine small!).

The Two is hollow almost up to the second finger joint, so you can slip your own fingers inside it, and it creates a surprisingly snug seal.  I can fit my fingers in up to base of my hand, but for ladies (or men!) with larger proportions than mine, it should still fit nicely ¾ of the way down the fingers.  The two is made of silicone, which is excellent, as an sex-toy enthusiast will tell you, because silicone is boilable and non-porous,  making it the most sanitary toy material out there.

As for its usefulness, let me rave a little.  The Two is made by lesbians and marketed to lesbians for a reason- the shape RESONATES.  In general, I’ve found round dildos to be problematic.  Because the length and girth of a dildo are usually proportional, they’re either too short to reach those deep spots, or too wide to be comfortable for me.  Which is why the Two is so amazing.  Since the Two is shaped like fingers, it’s long without being excessively wide, and the joints in the design help it to angle into those hard-to-reach spots.

Moreover, the Two adds about two inches of depth to any fingering episode, making it incredible for solo use.  How many of us have felt the creep of carpal tunnel from having our fingers wedged at such atrocious angles while masturbating?  Not anymore.  Those extra two inches makes it so much easier to reach under without hurting my fingers or my wrist.  At $39, that’s not a bad investment to avoid serious wrist pain down the line.

Because of its shape, the Two definitely requires some extra lube, as it won’t go in as smoothly as a round dildo.  But it more than makes up for that in its versatility, ease of use, and all-around cuteness.

What a great way to start off a product review career!  The Two is going to be part of my permanent collection, and I highly suggest it for anyone looking to start a toy collection.

Exciting news, queer kids.  I’m going to be doing sex toy reviews from the wonderful sex-positive, woman-friendly sex toy provider, Babeland!

For those of you not familiar, Babeland is pretty much the name in eco-friendly, woman-friendly, queer-friendly, all around high quality toys.  Pretty much everything in my arsonal so far has come from them.

Even if you don’t have the money to spring for one of the more expensive toys like a fancy vibrator or dildo, there are tons of little treats there too for under $15, and even some games and play items like body paints.

Point being, you should check their site out.  And I’m not just saying that because their going to send me free toys.

Stay cool, queer kids.

Sex Domains

Let’s put this under the list of “news items Bianca should have mentioned a long time ago:”  Icann, the non-profit company that controls the distribution of internet domain names gave final approval in March for the creation of a .xxx domain level, specifically for porn and adult content sites.  The BBC covered it briefly here.

Many people have hypothesized what the exact effects on viewership will be- whether it will increase or decrease the stigma of looking at porn, whether it will help direct site traffic more effectively or eventually become a mandatory stricture for porn producers to prevent minors from accidentally wandering onto adult sites (see also: Bianca’s incredibly awkward internet search landing her on “animalfriends.com” rather than the non-profit animal shelter at “animalfriends.org”).

Personally, I think it’s just exciting news for the provider who gets their hands on http://www.sex.xxx.  Very exciting, LUCRATIVE news.

Stay cool, queer kids.

PS: Sex toy reviews on the blog- yay or nay?  I’ve considered starting to post them in benefit to curious readers.  Is there interest?

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