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This fabulous review comes to you courtesy of my very good friend Susan, who jumped at the chance to provide perspective and input on some Babeland sex toys from a straight couple’s perspective.  Susan is a bartender in DC by day (or rather by night?) and she believes in embracing all aspects of her sexuality, including the fun that comes from new sensations, new situations, and new toys.

A friend of mine recently approached me and my boyfriend about getting a heterosexual couples opinion of sex toys, for her blog, to which we both immediately said yes. Our first batch of toys came relatively quickly and we decided to start with The Flexi Felix. This was the first toy that my boyfriend had ever used and my first encounter with anal beads.

Flexi Felix toy

Click the picture to buy the Flexi Felix from Babeland -- Bianca earns a commission for it!

The first category that I will talk about is packaging and instructions; both my lover and I agree that the packaging is very classy and discrete. However, the instructions for comfortable insertion are non-existent. This is not to say that it was uncomfortable in any way, just that I feel that more detailed instructions would make couples who are trying anal play for the first time more relaxed and confident.

The second category of review is material and shape, The Flexi Felix is made of 100% silicon which makes it very easy to clean, and lets face it, when it comes to anal play sanitation is a must. I am very pleased with the shape and design of the toy with the first bead being small enough for a comfortable warm up. The silicon is such a smooth material that it feels almost like a finger. Another plus to the shape of the toy is that some beads have been known to slip into the anus and needed to be retrieved, this toy however has a caterpillar like design with two large rings on the end for good grip.

Now to the part we have all been waiting for: use. Now one of my rules about anal toys is that I always clean myself out before I am going to play with toys. For me it helps with the stigma that our society puts on anal play and lets me relax and just focus on the pleasure. While this may not make sense to some people I am from a vary conservative background where vaginal intercourse before marriage is frowned upon while anything involving anal play is just considered vulgar. Let me tell you what, they have no idea what kind of mind blowing, core burning, bone rattling, toe curling orgasms that they are missing by just refusing to try any anal play. Anyway back to the toy – once I was clean and ready to go, we started with my lover putting light pressure around my hole to get me excited and once I started bucking he slipped the first bead into me. The pleasure was almost too much as I felt the first wave of orgasms begin. He continued to slip the rest of the string into me one bead at a time and I felt the pleasure of being stretched slowly and lovingly to the limit. He then pulled it out in one tug and I all but exploded. He then put it right back in and filled my vagina with himself the experience was mind blowing; just writing this review is making me want to go use them again and again.

This toy gets an overall review of 100 and is a wonderful addition to any toy chest. We highly recommend this to any couple who wants to take there pleasure to another level. Once again if your looking for this toy its called THE FLEXI FELIX and you can find it at babeland.com.


So….the reason it’s taken me so long to write my review on Babeland’s Dynamic Duo is because I’ve been using it.  I mean, a lot.  Many times a week.  This baby has passed inspection.

I received the Dynamic Duo in the mail a couple weeks ago, and I was a little skeptical.  I liked its design: two egg-shaped bullet vibrators attached to separate 37” chords and simple, handheld plastic base.  Each vibrator had its own separate control for the intensity of the vibrations, but…it only cost $18.  How good could it be?

Well, Babeland clearly proved me wrong.  The Dynamic Duo packs a punch.  Although the website lists the vibration intensity as only a three out of five, I cannot imagine a stronger vibe.   This thing was buzzing so hard it started to make my hand numb.  It’s perfect for solo and duo use, and has an incredible ability to hit all the right spots.  Good god.

There are a few small drawbacks to the Duo.  Like any bullet, it’s hard to hold on to when you use it.  This thing is buzzing like crazy, and you will feel the vibrations running up your fingers and lower arm, making it tricky to hold in place for long amounts of time (but frankly, with this kind of power, you won’t need it for too long).

The controls for the Dynamic Duo are also a little disappointing.  The vibes each have one rolling speed-control dial, however, they do not actually have much range in terms of vibration.  The Dynamic Duo goes from really intense to even-more-than-really-intense, so the lowest setting may still be too powerful for those of you with high sensitivity.  Another small problem is that the dials are set to operate in opposite directions, so if you are using one vibe, pushing the dial up will increase vibrations, while pushing up on the Babeland advertisementopposite dial will turn the bullet off.  Not an incredible problem, but it can be a little disorienting when you’re in the middle of a long session and high on endorphins.

Despite those shortcomings, this is an incredible toy.  It takes 4 AA batteries, so you don’t even have to run out to the mall to buy an expensive watch battery, and it only costs $18.  Can I repeat that?  $18!!!!  I’ve spend that much on Subway this month!  For a high-quality, intense, versatile, and inexpensive vibe, you really can’t beat the Dynamic Duo.

Eeep!  I’m so far behind on this sex toy thing, already!  Babeland, those wonderful sex-positive, woman and queer friendly people, sent me another batch of toys last week, and I am just now getting around to writing about them.


For reference, one of the trickiest things about living in DC is the likelihood that you will be sleeping (and playing) in an apartment with very thin walls and a multitude of neighbors.  Right now, I’m lucky enough to be renting out a basement apartment in one-family row house, but I anticipate that close quarters will be part of my routine for a long time.  And I’ll put it right out there…I’m kind of a screamer.   These two things don’t go well together, so I was super excited when one of the treats in my goodie basket from Babeland was this Jawbreaker Gag, made with an honest-to-goodness Jawbreakers candy ball.  Excellent.

Unfortunately, despite its unique and entertaining concept, the Jawbreaker Gag has some serious design flaws.  The strap which secures the gag around the head is made of PVC, which is fine for hold and stretch, but causes pretty serious chafing on the sides of my mouth.  This is especially true if you move the gag around a lot, which I have to, because the Jawbreaker is HUGE, and doesn’t sit in my mouth comfortably.

In addition to its cumbersome size, the Jawbreaker “bit” causes a serious spit problem.  Note that the gag is made of sugar, which makes the mouth water.  Unfortunately, the shape of the Jawbreaker forces my throat open awkwardly, making it difficult to swallow.  Thus, as my mouth waters from the sugar, the spit dribbles unpleasantly out of the corners.  That can be a great thing for people embracing humiliation play, but since the gag was really just to keep me quiet, and not to be part of a scene, it broke my headspace and made me feel really unsexy every time my mouth filled up with spit.

Gag me with a Spoon

Actually...please don't

That was probably more than you wanted to hear, eh?

Well, there are two other things that you should know.  One, because of its sugar content, the Jawbreaker gag is not safe to share or reuse, and Two, the same feature makes it difficult to store hygienically.

Summation: the Jawbreaker gag is adorable, and yummy, but it doesn’t fit comfortably in the mouth and causes chafing from the PVC strap.  It is difficult to store and impossible to sanitize and share.  Which is probably why Babeland classifies it as a bachelorette gag gift.

So if you’re looking for something silly and cute to buy your girlfriend for her bachelorette party, this is a great use of $13.  But if you want a high-quality gag that will last you a long time, search a little longer and pay a little more for something leather or silicone that fits your mouth well.

Stay cool, queer kids.

Click on the picture to go to Babeland's site and pick up the Two!

I just received my first toy from Babeland, and boy, do I have FEELINGS about.Picture of The Two at Babeland [redirect to Babeland order form for The Two]

First of all, the Two is lavender and it’s adorable.  Shaped like two forefingers stuck together, it’s the most un-intimidating dildo I’ve ever seen, even though at  5-1/2″ long and 1-7/8″ wide, it’s larger than any other one I own (what can I say, I like mine small!).

The Two is hollow almost up to the second finger joint, so you can slip your own fingers inside it, and it creates a surprisingly snug seal.  I can fit my fingers in up to base of my hand, but for ladies (or men!) with larger proportions than mine, it should still fit nicely ¾ of the way down the fingers.  The two is made of silicone, which is excellent, as an sex-toy enthusiast will tell you, because silicone is boilable and non-porous,  making it the most sanitary toy material out there.

As for its usefulness, let me rave a little.  The Two is made by lesbians and marketed to lesbians for a reason- the shape RESONATES.  In general, I’ve found round dildos to be problematic.  Because the length and girth of a dildo are usually proportional, they’re either too short to reach those deep spots, or too wide to be comfortable for me.  Which is why the Two is so amazing.  Since the Two is shaped like fingers, it’s long without being excessively wide, and the joints in the design help it to angle into those hard-to-reach spots.

Moreover, the Two adds about two inches of depth to any fingering episode, making it incredible for solo use.  How many of us have felt the creep of carpal tunnel from having our fingers wedged at such atrocious angles while masturbating?  Not anymore.  Those extra two inches makes it so much easier to reach under without hurting my fingers or my wrist.  At $39, that’s not a bad investment to avoid serious wrist pain down the line.

Because of its shape, the Two definitely requires some extra lube, as it won’t go in as smoothly as a round dildo.  But it more than makes up for that in its versatility, ease of use, and all-around cuteness.

What a great way to start off a product review career!  The Two is going to be part of my permanent collection, and I highly suggest it for anyone looking to start a toy collection.

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