Forever the Queerest Kids isn’t my blog- it’s yours.

Being an LGBTQ teen is hard- often times you don’t know where to look for resources, you don’t know whose answers to trust on important questions, and you are still trying to piece together exactly who you are.

When asked what resource would have helped me most when I was coming out in high school, I generally say “a driver’s license.” Though there was a thriving set of organizations for gay teens in the city of Pittsburgh proper, as a teenager in the suburbs, I couldn’t attend any of the events. I felt wholly isolated from the larger LGBT community. Consequently, it seemed like I was the only person in my city who was dealing with these issues of identity. The books in my local library weren’t terribly useful and there was so much information on the internet (and a large portion of it was very biased, too scholarly, or too “mature”), that I simply didn’t know where to turn.

This blog is an attempt to help: to form concise, compact, and useful lists of information to keep others from going through what I went through. So send me your questions. Send me your ideas. Send me your troubles and your frustrations and I will use whatever experience and pitiful research skills I have to give you a better picture of what the LGBT community and the rest of the world have to offer.

If you’d like to submit an article or a resource as well, let me know and I’ll help you post it! We have to work together to create the kind of informed and colorful world we want.

Bring out your rainbows!