This fabulous review comes to you courtesy of my very good friend Susan, who jumped at the chance to provide perspective and input on some Babeland sex toys from a straight couple’s perspective.  Susan is a bartender in DC by day (or rather by night?) and she believes in embracing all aspects of her sexuality, including the fun that comes from new sensations, new situations, and new toys.

A friend of mine recently approached me and my boyfriend about getting a heterosexual couples opinion of sex toys, for her blog, to which we both immediately said yes. Our first batch of toys came relatively quickly and we decided to start with The Flexi Felix. This was the first toy that my boyfriend had ever used and my first encounter with anal beads.

Flexi Felix toy

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The first category that I will talk about is packaging and instructions; both my lover and I agree that the packaging is very classy and discrete. However, the instructions for comfortable insertion are non-existent. This is not to say that it was uncomfortable in any way, just that I feel that more detailed instructions would make couples who are trying anal play for the first time more relaxed and confident.

The second category of review is material and shape, The Flexi Felix is made of 100% silicon which makes it very easy to clean, and lets face it, when it comes to anal play sanitation is a must. I am very pleased with the shape and design of the toy with the first bead being small enough for a comfortable warm up. The silicon is such a smooth material that it feels almost like a finger. Another plus to the shape of the toy is that some beads have been known to slip into the anus and needed to be retrieved, this toy however has a caterpillar like design with two large rings on the end for good grip.

Now to the part we have all been waiting for: use. Now one of my rules about anal toys is that I always clean myself out before I am going to play with toys. For me it helps with the stigma that our society puts on anal play and lets me relax and just focus on the pleasure. While this may not make sense to some people I am from a vary conservative background where vaginal intercourse before marriage is frowned upon while anything involving anal play is just considered vulgar. Let me tell you what, they have no idea what kind of mind blowing, core burning, bone rattling, toe curling orgasms that they are missing by just refusing to try any anal play. Anyway back to the toy – once I was clean and ready to go, we started with my lover putting light pressure around my hole to get me excited and once I started bucking he slipped the first bead into me. The pleasure was almost too much as I felt the first wave of orgasms begin. He continued to slip the rest of the string into me one bead at a time and I felt the pleasure of being stretched slowly and lovingly to the limit. He then pulled it out in one tug and I all but exploded. He then put it right back in and filled my vagina with himself the experience was mind blowing; just writing this review is making me want to go use them again and again.

This toy gets an overall review of 100 and is a wonderful addition to any toy chest. We highly recommend this to any couple who wants to take there pleasure to another level. Once again if your looking for this toy its called THE FLEXI FELIX and you can find it at