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It’s been a while since I’ve done a toy review because I’ve been waiting for something awesome enough to post about.  And now I have it!  These lavish nipple clamps from Babeland are both classy and secure.

These claps are tweezer style, which initially made me nervous, because they often don’t have very good hold, but these babies are perfect.  There’s a ring that sits at the base of the tweezers which you can slip up towards the tip to increase pressure.  The pinch that the lavish nipple clamps provide is probably too light for many enthusiasts, especially people who identify as masochists, but they’re just right for the “causal user” and have a good range of adjustability because of the sliding ring design.  For me, they felt just right at about ¾ up the slide, but once I’d had them on for a while, I could have easily tolerated more.

The metal tweezers are fitted with hard plastic ends to make the pinch softer and smoother, and I haven’t been daring enough to remove them, but that might add enough concentrated pressure to work for someone with a higher pain tolerance.

Though it hasn’t been an issue yet, the plastic ends to the clamps come off very easily and might get lost in your toy chest.  I highly recommend a plastic baggie for keeping everything together.

And darn are they pretty!  The beaded tassels swing freely and are a beautiful accent, so that these clamps can be accessories as much as play toys.

At a $20 price point, these are among the better clamps you can get.  I’ve never gone for the industrial look, so these are a lot more appetizing than alligator clamps or something more “chrome and steel-esque.”  They seem durable and they hold to your breasts very firmly, even when swung or tugged on.  And because they aren’t as intense a pressure as other types of clamps, they are more versatile and useful for pinching other, more sensitive areas!

Pick them up at Babeland today for yourself, or as a titillating Christmas gift.