Bianca, in her infinite graciousness (and desire to get some more traffic on this here blog) has set a challenge before you!

I am looking for the coolest, most interesting, funniest, strangest, most awkward – pick any superlative you like!- story about sex andsexuality from before you turned 18.  It doesn’t have to be a personal experience, although it can be, but anything you have seen or heard or gossiped about before you turned 18 counts.  Write it in the comments below, or if you don’t feel comfortable with that, email me at

Why should you bother?  Because the person who submits the most unique story to this blog will receive a copy of Paul Joannides Guide to Getting it On, 4th edition.  The Guide to Getting It On was the first sex book I ever owned, and despite it’s limitations, helped me to navigate difficult periods of in my developing sexuality.  It has a great list of resources in the back index as well as strong articles and illustrations on everything from getting comfortable with your body to oral sex to gender play.

So what are you waiting for?  Post away, and let your friends know!  The contest is open to anyone and everyone.