Let’s put this under the list of “news items Bianca should have mentioned a long time ago:”  Icann, the non-profit company that controls the distribution of internet domain names gave final approval in March for the creation of a .xxx domain level, specifically for porn and adult content sites.  The BBC covered it briefly here.

Many people have hypothesized what the exact effects on viewership will be- whether it will increase or decrease the stigma of looking at porn, whether it will help direct site traffic more effectively or eventually become a mandatory stricture for porn producers to prevent minors from accidentally wandering onto adult sites (see also: Bianca’s incredibly awkward internet search landing her on “animalfriends.com” rather than the non-profit animal shelter at “animalfriends.org”).

Personally, I think it’s just exciting news for the provider who gets their hands on http://www.sex.xxx.  Very exciting, LUCRATIVE news.

Stay cool, queer kids.

PS: Sex toy reviews on the blog- yay or nay?  I’ve considered starting to post them in benefit to curious readers.  Is there interest?