This really is the beginning of a bad joke. For those of us privileged enough to have been born with a body that matches our internal gender identity, it’s hard to comprehend the difficulties that many trans and transitioning people must go through in order to align their physical and mental genders.  For those who choose to transition, there are hormones, surgeries, and legal battles to fight, visits to psychologists and extensive, rigorous hurdles to simply being given the medical o-k to have any sex-reassignment operations.

For those who choose not to transition (0r not to do so fully with the actual reassignment surgery), there are intense more intense legal issues, social misunderstanding, and terrible discrimination in the healthcare system.  Because of the deep-seated prejudice and lack of understanding that most Americans have for the needs and complications associated with translife, many doctors simply have no idea how to care for transpeople.  Not only do they lack a personal familiarity with the issue of transgenderism, but their training in medical school was largely centered around a binary understanding of gender and before many of the latest medical breakthroughs in sex-reassignment were made.  On top of that, many people are simply repulsed by anything non-normative and deny transpeople care because of their prejudice.  A really good article about that here.

As the article explains, there are two types of transgender specialties in the medical field: transitioning health care(hormones, surgeries, counceling, etc. aimed at helping a person change their bi0logical sex) and care of non-normative bodies (people with either ambigious genetalia/ intersex persons, people who are using hormones but don’t intend to fully transition, and so on).

On of the greatest misconceptions about transpeople is the understanding that you cannot be trans unless you have or intend to undergo sexual reassignment surgery.  As I have said before, this is clearly not true.  There are many people out there who identify as trans who are very comfortable simply cross-dressing, or only undergoing chest surgery, without the genetalia to match.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.

This article, “The Operative Word” does a good job unpacking some of the assumptions about transpeople and surgery.  I highly suggest you read it.

And to wrap up, this is a lovely interview with a transman from Boston, where he explores the way perspective and emotions change as one transitions from female to male.

Stay queer, cool kids.