How often do you think about the sacrifices your grandparents generation made for you?  About their courage and commitment to WWII?  To the civil rights movement of the 1950’s and 60’s?  To the very first White House protests for gay rights by the Mattachine Society?

Probably not very much.  Frankly, we take a lot of the historical contributions of our past generations for granted, however much holidays like Veterans Day try to remind us to be thankful.  So that makes it all the more disturbing that more and more senior citizens, especially in nursing homes and assisted-care facilities, are being forced back into the closet after a lifetime of bravery and service to our country and ideals.

It probably comes as no surprise that your grandparents’ generation wasn’t the most open and progressive regarding LGBT people.  The anger, hate, and outright discrimination that they faced makes it all the more honorable for those who were brave enough to come out in the 30’s, 40’s, and 50s’.   Now, the same generation of people that oppressed them when they were younger is hurting them again.  In addition, the health care system is stilling denying rights to these individuals- to see, live with, and care for their partners, to get health care benefits and end-of-life care, and a million other essential rights for someone seeing the twilight of their life.

A short video promo here will give you a better idea of the problem:

I find it eternally shameful.