Hey queer kids,

So this blog done a bit of talking about porn explored various versions of expressing sexuality- including kink, BDSM, orgasms, and whatnot.  But I think a highly under-appreciated art form within the realm of sex and sexuality is erotic literature.

The term, made popular by the site Literotica.com, is exactly what it sounds like: literary erotic fiction.  People get fucked, but you hear about it like a story- sometimes poetic, sometimes fierce, guttural, and straightforward.    For people who are turned off by visual images like those in internet or video porn, literotica is a brilliant way to explore aspects of your own sexuality (and use your visual imagination!) in a stimulating way…

For those of you who don’t know where to start, here’s my brief catalogue of sites that might interest you.

Literotica.com– this site is HUGE and has stories updated constantly, but it is for the serious reader, because a lot of stories have multiple chapters, intertwining story lines, or just excessively long introductions.  If you are looking for a quick wank, this is not your site.  However, I have found a lot of the stories to both sexual and very intensely literary, ironic, funny, and engaging, the way a novel would be.   The biggest plus is that all the content is rated and really well-organized.  I suggest starting with the “Top Lists” and then moving into specific categories.

Cliterati.co.uk– this is very much a woman-friendly literotica site.  Most of the stories are written by women and often have women as their central point-of-view.  Major plus is that the stories are short but very well written.  Downside is that the site isn’t updated often, so if you are looking for new material, this is not your place.

Sugarbutch Chronicles- Sugarbutch is all about butch-femme dynamics.  It’s really more of an erotic blog written by a lesbian in a strongly gendered relationship with a lot of sub-dom interactions.  She often refers to herself as male or in masculine-gendered terms, so don’t let that throw you.  If you’re into power dynamics, strap-ons, and lots of lesbianism, this is the place for you.  It’s written fantastically well, but is of-course, a little pigeon-holed in terms of content.

Nifty Erotic Stories Archive and Sextails.com are both along the lines of Literotica: they have HUGE archives of user-generated stories.  The ranking system that literotica has is virtually non-existent, but the sites are well-maintained, well-organized, and there’s pretty much something for everyone.  These are probably the best two for Male-male erotic fiction.

Herotica- If you’re looking for the comfort of an old-fashioned paperback book, check out Herotica: A Collection of Women’s Erotic Fiction. Link will take you to Amazon which has used copies for a little as 1 cent plus shipping.  Seriously, do you need a better reason?  Herotica includes gay, straight, and poly interactions, but the focus of herotica is that “the woman cums” so most of the stories are written by women or with the woman in mind.

Check ’em out and let me know what your favorites are!

Stay queer, cool kids.