Hey guys, this was submitted by one of our very insightful and intelligent readers, who has asked to remain anonymous.  If you’d like to submit something like this to our series, just let me know- but in the meantime, give this writer some love!

“Obviously you know that I’m bisexual (although I haven’t been attracted to anyone at all in a while. But that’s irrelevant. xD) I guess on the subject of that, I would be far more likely to enter a relationship with a man. In the past, however, I have been attracted to women in the same way I’ve felt attracted to men.

I was raised as an Episcopalian, which is a fairly liberal denomination. In fact, we do have a gay bishop; disregarding the fact that half the diocese broke away, our church is generally very open towards gay people and gay rights. In fact, I know of two openly gay people at our church.

However, I recently went through my typical “teenager questioning my religion” phase and discovered that I have a strong attraction towards Islam, for a variety of reasons.
The problem, however, is that Islam is traditionally very UN-accepting regarding homosexuality, and it is looked upon as a sinful practise. Multiple Qur’anic verses and Hadiths (aka Muhammed’s two cents) speak of this opinion. Which naturally poses a problem for one who is homosexual and Muslim.

There are some Muslims who believe that those who engage in homosexual acts are subject to physical punishment. I happen to follow the Hanafi school of thought, which is the most liberal branch of Sunni Islam; they do not believe homosexuality is cause for physical punishment.

However, the fact still remains that homosexuality is considered, haram, “forbidden,” and those who are gay have merely strayed from the path of Allah and find their inner strength to fight it, yadda yadda. The usual.

I’m at a point of conflict here. Obviously, I don’t like this attitude towards the gay community. The problem, however, lies in that I don’t know if it’s enough to turn me away from Islam. As far as religion goes, I’ve always been a person who believes that you can agree with some and disagree with some as long as the core principles are the same, but Islam is a very by-the-book religion. It’s very explicit with what is allowed and what is not allowed.

I suppose my problems are these:
1. I can live without alcohol, the tattoo I wanted, gambling, etc. Can I live with giving up the gay part of me, despite the fact that I am perfectly fine with a straight relationship?
2. Does the fact that as far as the sexuality spectrum goes, I’m more of a between-straight-and-bi-but-more-towards-bi lessen and/or discredit my predicament?
3. Should I give up on Islam because of this?

I obviously haven’t reconciled religion and sexuality yet, but I am in the process of seeking how to do so. But anyway, yes, that was a bit of personal insight on the matter. I hope it was a good enough contribution!”

I think one of the best things this writer did was to identify key questions- because in my opinion, identifying your core questions about a problem is 3/4 of the way to solving it.  What are your thoughts?