Just a quick news post for you guys today:  Ireland just voted to approve same-sex civil partnerships.  Whoot!  Equality for the Irish.  It still has to be approved by President Mary McAleese, but her acceptance of the bill is pretty much seen as a forgone conclusion. If you’d like the full story, check it out here: http://www.gcn.ie/feature.aspx?sectionid=14&articleid=2775

In other news, antibodies found in Donor 45- an older African American man being treated for HIV- have been noted to disable a large portion of the active strains of HIV.  When combined with one of the current antibodies in marketed anti-retroviral drugs, these two antibodies are able to combat 91% of all known HIV strains.  Scientists have a long road to travel in getting this antibody into vaccine form, but if they can do it, it could mean an incredible reduction in the number of transmissions and diagnoses of AIDS.  For the whole scientific spiel, check out the Wall Street Journal article.

Stay queer, kids.